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What is a paper?

Paper is something you buy on HomeWork Merit which refers to a course, exam, and discussion questions, participation, quizzes and the stuff you buy on CE.

What is HomeWork Merit?

HomeWork Merit is an online academic platform for students where they can get help on papers they are struggling with. On HomeWork Merit you will get different courses that are taken at various online universities .You will also be provided with exams, quizzes, courses papers. 

Which paper to buy?

We give our users the option to view a short preview of every paper which can help you decide if you want that paper. For the courses we also provide preview for every paper, exam, discussion questions, participations that are included in the course so we recommend the buyers to check previews for all the material included in the course to make sure it’s exactly what you need. 

When you purchase something on HomeWork Merit , there are no extra fees that will increase the price of your tutorial and there is no recurring billing. We charge you only for the tutorial(s) you order. 

I bought a paper, now what?

Use the tutorial you purchased as a guideline for your paper. The sole purpose of purchasing papers is getting the most relevant material from students and tutors that did the research on their papers which can now help you with your paper. 

When will I receive my paper?

You will receive your paper immediately after purchasing by email with the file. You will always have access to your purchased papers and the option to download them after having your account with us.

Am I allowed to buy a paper and turn it in as is?

After purchasing your desired paper if you turn it in as is you may get accused of plagiarism. As we are not offering any Guarantee of originality for the papers sold here .we know how tough it can sometimes be to start your paper or to finish your paragraph. Papers on this site are meant for tutorial purposes to give you a kick start on your paper.

Will I get a refund for a bad paper?

Yes ,if you are not satisfied with the answer. The only thing you have to do is tell us what you think is wrong with the answer.Simply Email us at